Balik Tanaw

A comic book anthology.

Ang librong ito ay koleksyon ng mga komiks na gawa ko noong 2015. Ito ay anim na kwento na tungkol sa paghanap ng kaligayahan, pagluto ng sinigang, pag-hingi ng extra rice, lihim ng kasama mo sa bahay, pagkain ng bawal at pagbalik tanaw sa buhay. Sana sa bawat paglipat mo ng pahina ay madama mo din ang mga emosyon na nadama ko noon.

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Conceptualized in 2019, the book contains six mini-stories – five redrawn versions of komiks Ardie created back in 2015, plus a new one which shares the same title as the book.

Contrary to the book’s colorful cover, the book actually gets serious and dark pretty quickly. Aside from it being his personal favorite, Ardie started off with Burn Baby Burn to prepare the readers for what lies ahead. “Pero yun na yung pinakamabigat. Para maghilamos ng lang sa ibang istorya. [But that was the heaviest. The reader can rinse it off with the other stories.],” Ardie adds.

Without spoiling what happens, it is worth noting that this first story deserves a trigger warning. The book has a table of contents to guide the reader to the start of the other stories if needed.

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Sample Pages – Burn Baby Burn, Ang Roomate Kong Aswang, Sinigang: Kwento ng Lumbay, Extra Rice with Extra Tries, Balik Tanaw, and Hipon sa Hapon.

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(TW mention of suicide in this text and in the presented komik)
While it is true that all six stories in this collection were individually released in 2015 (you may remember them as his small booklet komiks from that time), all six have been practically redrawn and remade for this collection.

This is especially true of “Ang Roommate Kong Aswang” and “Hipon sa Hapon”. All the art is presented cleanly and well in his distinct way. The improvements have made them more resonant and more powerful, as they present six stories of loneliness and despair, sometimes firmly grounded in real life, often going on supernatural tangents.

Ardie is still getting even better at pacing and paneling, now utilizing the power of unconventional techniques to even greater effect. As mentioned above the first story deals in suicide, please be advised and be careful, and yes much of the content does veer toward depressing. With this said, the stories express these feelings respectfully and with understanding. Go find. #komiks #pinoykomiks