Experimental Comics

Bakit Kakaiba Si Nanay at Ibang Kwento ng Talulikas

Homage to the  90’s horror comic with the same vertical orientation.

“Ardie Aquino is not done with this wave of testing the limits of comic presentation, this time with three horror short pieces. All three are effectively creepy, most particularly because his control of contrast and elements is getting incredibly good, without losing what makes his style unique. Therefore the suspense leading to the punchlines are effective, making it all nicely creepy and scary. The lengthwise presentation makes him able to deliver a bit more panels thus more story per page. Definitely not for kids, but yes, go find and go order.”



An expandable cover flap to see the whole cover art.

“A guy is already insatiably hungry as it is, but it is made much, much worse after he eats a bad batch of isaw. And incredibly, while this stays true to brand and deals in horror with dark comedy, Ardie Aquino is also mentioning current affairs and the drug war, and how it’s used to handwave away practically everything. The insertion is interesting, and makes the piece worth thinking over slightly more than you would expect. The pacing of the elements is just right in delivering the suspense and creepiness. Expect tentacles and horror, but go find.”

Komik Ninja

It’s YOU Inside Series
Customizable short comics. The reader will be drawn inside as part of the story.